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Our program has come to an end.

We have sold out of all our On-the-Go Review courses

For both LIVE and ON-THE-GO candidates, we will provide full support ...

1. Throughout all of 2015 and during the first two testing windows in 2016 (i.e., through May 30, 2016).

2. Please contact Mark Hogan with all technical questions.

3. Your access to our on-line Blackboard environment, answering multiple-choice questions, videos, etc.

We are sold out!

It has been a pleasure to serve so many CPA Candidates!.

J U S T     I N . . . September 14 , 2015. Thank you to you and your team because I really could not have done it without the amazing lectures and the quick responses to my emails, including when I was so stressed that I couldn't interpret what was written on the pages.

Having worked with NIU, Becker, and Gleim, I can say that NIU has, by far, the best lectures. NIU teaches the material and gives tons of examples, which make the material easier to remember. Becker just lectures on what to underscore and pneumonic devices. Gleim's BEC lecture was so hard to understand because of the instructors accent, that it took me until the 5th chapter to realize that he was just reading the book. Seriously, it was that bad.

Again, thanks for your assistance, I really could not have passed all four sections without NIU. Judy C.

     Over the many years of helping thousands of candidates pass the CPA exam, the talent and dedication of our professors, and office staff -- has been nothing less than awesome.

     Amongst the continuous stream of compliments, our students have called our faculty and staff: smart, dedicated, thorough, funny, wonderful, very supportive, and the best! It has been our pleasure and privilege to work with such a great team.

     To our past candidates, a big thank-you, and to our 2015 candidates, we look forward to helping you!

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